Shift your digital transformation into a higher gear with

Self-learning machines that read

emails, invoices, reports, and much more | to help a utility onboard customers 10x faster | to help an insurer improve claims handling productivity with 25%


Looking to switch energy suppliers instead?

It’s the impact that matters

Reduce costs and tap into new revenue streams

Strengthen the capabilities and expertise of your people to improve job satisfaction and productivity.


Imagine new customer journeys that offer instant gratification, increase conversion rates and ultimately grow your income.


Tap into the magic of AI and Machine Learning

A new paradigm for information-intensive organizations

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    Speed-to-Delivery Get a project up and running in days instead of weeks or months. Our platform learns from sample data instead of ruleset programming. This makes a world of difference!
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    Human + Machine Do not replace people but give them superpowers instead. Data entry, basic decision making and other repetitive tasks are a thing of the past. Higher productivity and satisfaction guaranteed!
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    AI on demand Integrate flexible building blocks where and when needed. All solutions are API-based and readily available on a secure and scalable infrastructure. Plug-and-play machine learning!

We know where to start and how it’s done

A new way of working supported by a proprietary platform

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    Fast, flexible, and affordable We won't ask you to explain your business requirements. Traditional IT projects take too long, are too expensive and result in unflexible code bases.
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    Self-learning platform A proprietary self-learning platform is the basis of everything we do. It allows us to tailor our APIs to your specific needs in no time.
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    Try before you buy We prove our value in a proof-of-concept or pilot, before a contract is signed. We'll provide you with the keys to your business and developer portal to try it out.

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